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Filming in Ireland

Can we or can't we?

As of June 29th most of Ireland re-opened its doors and life returned to a new normal. For the most part, video production can resume with some precautions. Hotels, bars that don't serve food and other accommodation services will not officially open until the end of July but there are some B & B's willing to take in guests because their accommodation is suitable and they can offer self catering. Campsites have resumed for self contained campers but on site facilities have not yet opened.

The highlights for COVID considerations on a production are as follows:

Filming in Ireland during COVID

Before you start:

- Do as much pre-production and risk mitigation as is possible remotely.

- There's still a 14 day isolation period when traveling into Ireland.

- Plan for a skeleton crew - may mean doubling up on some tasks.

- Use local crews. Research the possibility of remote directing and site

internet availability.

- Discourage public transport use and make alternatives available if possible (no ride sharing!)

- Detailed daily shot lists minimize time on location - so run 'n gun may not be the best solution!

- Plan for digital distribution of call sheets.

- Research if you need extra medical insurance cover.

- Consider what you will do if a crew/cast member tests positive for COVID.

Protocols for filming in Ireland

Once you get rolling:

- Induction: Make clear your protocols / expectations for cast and crew.

- Consider asking cast / interviewees to handle their own make up/costumes/mics etc.

- Using a make-up artist? Ensure hygiene/safety protocols are followed.

- Location & equipment should be sanitized daily before & after use.

- Provide facility for regular hand-washing and/or sanitizing.

- Food should be individually wrapped / pre packaged when possible and break times


- Make cleaning supplies and hand sanitizers available at all stations.

- Log everyone you come into contact with for contact tracing purposes.

- Supply and wear masks, shields & gloves (PPE). Remember to dispose of gloves

slowly and carefully.

- Dispose of all PPE regularly and empty bins daily when 3/4 full.

- Monitor protocols daily and make adjustments if required.

- Shoot outdoors as much as possible! Shooting indoors? Plan for 2m separation

No more wrap parties

When it's in the can:

The wrap party is dead - long live the wrap party!

Get inventive. Zoom it. But the boozy blow out where the P.A gets to tell the Director what they really think is over - for now.

For full and detailed production guidelines in Ireland, please read the attached documents from the Screen Producer's Guild.

Download PDF • 3.74MB
Download PDF • 2.41MB

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